Mountain Lab, the guardian angels of the woods

Mountain Lab, the guardian angels of the woods

If the spirits of the woods will be the children’s favourite friends at the International Festival of the Gnomes, other swears to be the children’s guardian angels. We’re talking about the mountain experts of Mountain Lab, the Academy of the mountain sports, based in Roccaraso.

«We’ll lead the children and their parents in the hikes and walks scheduled during the Festival», says, Gianmaria Fisco, head of Mountain Lab. «We do so to let them discover the marvels of our mountain, a task that gratify us beyond everything. Because the mountain becomes a great lifetime experience only when lived in full safety, with all the safety rule that is better to learn during the childhood ».

With Mountain Lab the Festival of the Gnomes that will take place in the Altopiani Maggiori of Abruzzo will surely be an adventure that will let the visitors to discover unexpected treasures. «From the wolf to the squirrel », says Fisco, «the fauna of our woods it is no less a marvel than the sighting of a fairy or a gnome. The nature here is extremely rich in biodiversity, which is the true treasure of the National Parks of Abruzzo, as the evolution of bothanical studies demonstrated.

The activities of the Summer Programme 2015 of Mountain Lab, started the last June 14, includes two events during the nine days of the International Festival: on July 11 and 12 there’ll be the Walk to Valle Jovana (Scanno) with overnight stay, while from the July 13 to July the 19 will take place the Gnomi Special Price, composed by a mountain bike ride, nordic walking and hikings.

Le attività del Programma Estate 2015 di Mountain Lab inaugurato il 14 giugno scorso prevede due appuntamenti che coincidono con i nove giorni della Festa: L’11 e 12 luglio c’è la Passeggiata a Valle Jovana (Scanno) con pernotto; dal 13 al 19  nientemeno che lo Gnomi Special Price, passeggiata in mountain bike, nordic walking e escursioni.

The experts of the mountain of ML invites everyone, gnomes included, to have a look at their website

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