Take a picture with Click the Gnome to help the children in Nepal

Take a picture with Click the Gnome to help the children in Nepal

Anna Maria Monti says: «We’ll be at the Festival to fight against  the “feeling anaesthesia” that by now involves the children too».

It can be with a camera or with a smartphone, it doesn’t matters as long as the photos will be used to help the children of Nepal in need after the massive earthquake that hit hard the heart of Asia. Between the many pictures that will be taken during the two weekends of the International Festival of the Gnomes, one will be selected as the winner of the 1st International Photo Contest. Just ask to Click the Gnome, he’ll be happy to inspire you the Festival’s coolest photo shot. To take part to the contest, what you’ve got to do is take the picture, read the rules of the game and send the 10 euros participation fee. The 10 euros of the participation fee will go to Unicef, that started a campaing to help the Nepali children so hardly hit.

«We are so happy to match our campaign with the International Festival of the Gnomes», says Anna Maria Monti, head of the Abruzzo delegation of the UN Agency dedicated to the protection of the children, «Our initiative wants to break through in this “feeling anaesthesia” that by now surrounds every cathastrophic event worldwide, like hunger or the lack of medical cares in many parts of the planet».

The Unicef will not just raise money for its projects, but it will take part actively in the Festival set to begin in a few days in the shadow of the gorgeous woods of the Altopiani Maggiori d’Abruzzo highlands, between Roccaraso and Pescocostanzo. «The correct and harmonical development of our children, and with “our children” I mean every children in the World», says the head of Unicef Abruzzo, «Necessarily passes through a personal, familiar and social well being that must contains every aspect that help them becoming adults, a well balanced mix».

So this message from Unicef Abruzzo, directed to the developing countries, return back to us. «In the Unicef core areas the problems are dramatical and the every day fight is against denutrition, healthcare and the social and political issues that hamper the well being of the children», clarifies Mrs. Monti, «In Italy the problems are less evident but much more insidious. I’m talking about the progress deviations that, through the limitless availability of goodies, so many health problems have caused. The consumerism gathers on further problems on the social side, for instance the cynical desensitization towards the other’s sufferings. The Festival is the occasion to talk about all the children in the World, starting from those enjoying the company of the gnomes and the other spirits of the woods. We should call them life coach, because of their positive message».

The pictures (max 4 photos per competitor and per category, for a total of 16 pictures) must be sent to the theatre company “I Guardiani dell’Oca” before Octuber 1st . On December the 1st will be published the classification and on December the 8th will be celebrated the prizegiving in Roccaraso., with an exhibition of the most beautiful pictures, many of which will be also projected on a screen. The four categories of the competition are: A) The gnomes and their behaviour; B) take a selfie with the creatures of the woods; C) Landscapes between the altopiano delle Cinquemiglia and the bosco di Sant’ Antonio; D) Sustainable alimentation.

The bet at stakes comprehends holidays, skipass tickets, ski and archery classes.

The jury will be composed of Patrizia Olivieri, Council Officer for cultural affairs of Roccaraso, the artistical director of the Festival Zenone Benedetto and a representative of the hotel keepers.

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