The Gnome’s Handbook

The Gnome’s Handbook


To pass through the Gate of Wonders and access the XII International Festival of the Gnomes, you have to purchase the entrance ticket, whose cost is 10€ for the adults and 7€ for the children and the over 65.

The disabled persons have the right to purchase the reduced ticket entrance (we recommend to bring with you the disability certificate). The chaperon has the right to a free entrance ticket. The Festival is free also for the 44 Gatti card owners.

Very important: The on-line ticket permits you to immediately access the Festival. The queue will become a distant memory, and your friends the gnomes will welcome you in zero-time.

Be careful: at the entrance of the Festival and inside of the fair area the inspector gnomes may ask you for your tickets.

The Decalogue of the good visitor

The International Festival of the Gnomes has always used natural stages for its shows and stories. This is how the symbiotic relationship with the woods has begun, made of respect and some little rules, to make everything work out just fine.

  • Love the woods and leave them as you find them;
  • Stick to the instructions provided by our staff;
  • Respect and understand the needs of the wildlife and avoid any activity that could disturb and damage them;
  • Enjoy the natural flora and its beauty, but please do not collect and remove materials which have a geological and paleontological importance;
  • You are at a party, so enjoy it and have fun, but please do not make noise, because the show is everywhere and the stage is the landscape that surrounds you;
  • The actors are working for you, so please be careful not to disturb them when taking pictures or when using your phone. During the show, like for any other show, it’s better to turn your phone off or to put it into vibrate mode;
  • Gather all the information you need on service points, toilets, medical staff and security staff;
  • Follow the instruction provided to park your car, motorcycle or bike;
  • Please, inform us of any danger or damage you are aware of;
  • Leave no trace of your passage, we are just guests!


Please keep the receipts!

If the paper, just like every other kind of garbage, belongs to its appropriate containers, at the International Festival of the Gnomes the receipts are really important. The ticket of the catering menus and drinks may be way more important of their actual price: every receipt will participate in the lottery called “Il Tesoro dello Gnomo”, the treasure of the Gnome.

Info Point

The Info Point (Punto Info) is extremely useful to enjoy the the many fun shows and events, but you can also use it to book the evening and the night shows.

All the informations on in the Visitors and Faq button on the menu.

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